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Has anybody had the issue of Poser 2012 SR2 64-bit crashing while rendering. It isn't giving any warning. It is just closing Poser.

My system is
Intel Core i7 Processor i7-3930K 3.2GHz 12MB SIX CORE
2 2TB HD
32 GB quad channel RAM
nVidia GeForce GTX570 2560MB


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    Are you by any chance using Zone Alarm firewall? If so, you should update to the latest 64-bit version.

    The only times I've had problems with Poser on my system, which is very similar to yours, only less RAM, was with Zone Alarm and with the computers power settings. For some reason my computer thinks it's doing nothing when it's rendering, so it will go into hibernation unless I turn that option off.

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    I'm using the regular windows firewall and my router firewall. I think it is something with my system cause it isn't happening to my wife with is also running 2012 SR2 but has a smaller system. It only started doing it the last month. I not sure if the scene is just to big or what. The scene has a lot of plants in it so in turns has a lot of trans maps. It also has high specular and AO lights. I'm thinking it has to do with the scene. I have plenty of resources to handle it which is whats confusing me. I was thinking about re-installing SR2 in case its a corrupt file but have been putting it off.

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    I just checked and I have a video driver update. So I'll try that and see if it helps.

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    When I have problems rendering a scene, I usually try a test run with just one light, or I try to turn shadows off for all but one light. Because often it's the lights that cause ultra slow rendering.
    That's the only thing I can think of at this point...

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    Good idea. If the driver don't work. I'll try that. Like I said the scene is big and I'm using an AO light with increased levels of shading and AO, so its very possible. Depending on which light I'm using the scene takes 12-16hrs to render

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    I had an issue in a scene one time with PP2012 similar to your problem. I had an item that had a really detailed displacement map that didn't play well with AO. Everytime I tried to render it, it would just stop at that point and I'd have to use the task manager to shut Poser down. Turning off the displacement for that item fixed it and allowed it to render.

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    I updated my video driver and it hasn't done it yet so hopefully that fixed the issue. I'm still confused as to why it would be the problem since the graphics card is only used for the viewport and the processor does the rendering.

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    I'm new to the forums here and although I did search first for something topic-wise that was focused on the issue, nothing came up that matched so my sincerest apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

    It appears V4 and any related figures or character overlays tend to cause my PP2014 GameDev to freeze up. What might be causing this, has anyone else here had that issue and what might be a solution to this issue?

    It's only the V4 stuff that causes the random freezeups, all other stuff works smoothly.

    PP2014 GameDev 64-bit
    Win 7 Pro 64-bit
    i7 Intel CPU
    12Gb RAM
    nVidia 550 grahics card and
    nVidia 450 Graphics card (I run three screens on this system)
    two 10,000 RPM HDDs


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    Okay my situation involves any instances I bring Daz figures into my PP2014 GameDev. Poser doesn't crash, per-se, but it locks up. I'll load a figure and start working with the mats and morph injections, then my Poser will just hang up. I am able to save my work and then close then re-launch Poser but a few minutes more down the road Poser will hang up again. This isn't occurring with non-Daz stuff.

    Any suggestions as to what might be the cause of these Poser hang-ups?

    Poser 2014 GameDev
    12Gb RAM
    Intel i7 processor
    nVidia 550 Graphics card
    nVidia 450 graphics card (( have a three monitor setup)
    10,000rpm HDDs


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    You might try posting over at RDNA at the Official Forum, as I think you will find more GameDev users there...

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