Tropical Elements - Missing Textures?

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I installed this a while back, but I guess this must be my first time trying to use the Tropical Elements set.

But, when I try to use the plants (and other things), Poser tells me it can't find bump maps, textures, etc.

Looking at the files list, there don't seem to be any actual textures listed. (I wish I could show you that, but the file lists/ReadMe's -- or links to them -- now seem to be gone from the DAZ items pages. Argh.)

Additionally, it says ". Now you will be able to use the palms, trees, rocks, plants and grass separately."

Well, not if I don't have any textures, I won't be able to.

Anyone know if they've updated this file recently (to include such things) or how I can use the product successfully?

(I didn't install it anywhere funny or do anything unusual in the install.)

Please help. I'd like some plants in this render.


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    Well they should all be included (I would assume as it says that there are pz2 and dsa files)
    Don't you have the readme on your computer? That should tell you which folder the textures should be in.
    It does say that there are two required products I suppose there is a possibility that the textures are in those items as no texture maps are mentioned in this one but they are in the other two.

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    Tropical Elements is an ad on pack and if you look on the product page you will see that it requires Tropical Quest - Jungle and Tropical Cave and I believe the texture come in those packs.

  • LycanthropeXLycanthropeX Posts: 2,286
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    NeilV 1 said:
    Tropical Elements is an ad on pack and if you look on the product page you will see that it requires Tropical Quest - Jungle and Tropical Cave and I believe the texture come in those packs.

    Neil is in fact correct. The textures for Tropical Elements are in the Jungle and Cave products

  • ManStanManStan Posts: 0
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    You have to read the required products before buying anything from DAZ. I did the exact same as the OP quite a while back.

  • SlimerJSpudSlimerJSpud Posts: 1,047
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    This particular item confused a lot of people, me included. Yes, I read the required products, and I knew it required something I did not have but the wording of the product page is possibly misleading:

    "Tropical Elements is a large props pack, that was released as a supplement for 'Tropical Quest Jungle' and 'Tropical Cave'. Now you will be able to use the palm trees, rocks, plants and grass separately. Pack includes one scene, and 39 props."

    OK, to me, this said I would be able to use the palm trees, rocks, plants and grass as standalone items, but no, the whole set is required. The separate items do not work if you do not have the whole product(s). I think a lot of people were confused by this.

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    Well, yeah, exactly what Spud said.

    I read the description, it clearly said you could use the props alone, and I bought it. It even says something like "now you can use the props alone."

    Which clearly implies that you can use them without the other two sets.

    But only if you don't want the textures & bumps, apparently. Which I did/do. (I assumed you just couldn't use the master set-up. That seemed reasonable.)

    And, yes, I checked the readme when I was having trouble. I just couldn't show y'all because -- like many things currently -- that part of DAZ seems to have disappeared and/or is broken.

    So, any chance DAZ or the vendor would care to chime in and maybe fix this?

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    Checking now, it even says there are medium and high-resolution versions.

    Which would seem to imply (as does the listing of MAT files) that there should be textures & bumps.

    I guess the real question is: When was it last updated?

    It clearly seems to say it was. But then, it clearly seemed to say one could use the props on their own.

    In the past, the update date would probably have been listed somewhere on the product or its wiki. But if it is now, I can't find it. Anyone know?

    Anyone downloaded this recently and can tell me/us if it now has textures.

    Of course, I don't know what kind of trouble it may now be to reset downloads. Used to be dead easy, but... that was before "The Change."

  • BeaBea Posts: 694
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    But if you read the what's included there are no textures mentioned.
    If you have the readme it should give you a link to a file list which would show you whether there were jpgs included.
    I think that this is a badly worded item.

  • IanTPIanTP Posts: 1,322
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    This is the Tropical Elements file from the included readme file. :)

    Creator Notes

    You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    Figures: "Tropical Elements"
    Pose: "Tropical Elements"
    Props: "Tropical Elements"
    DAZ Studio users should apply the material presets from the "Pose>Tropical Elements" folder.
    File List

    Content Files: Common
    \ReadMe's\ReadMe_13330_1.0_Tropical Elements.html
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Coconut-Palm-1.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Coconut-Palm-2.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Coconut-Palm-3.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Coconut-Palm-4.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Coconut-Palms.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Grass-1.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Grass-2.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Grass-3.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Ground.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-MexicanPalm1.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-MexicanPalm2.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-MexicanPalm3.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-MexicanPalm4.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-MexicanPalms.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-OldEucalyptus-1.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-OldEucalyptus-2.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-OldEucalyptus-3.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-OldEucalyptus-4.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-OldEucalyptus-5.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-OldEucalyptus-6.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-OldEucalyptus.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-1.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-2.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-3.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-4.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-5.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-6.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-7.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants-8.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Plants.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rock1.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rock2.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rock3.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rock4.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rock5.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rock6.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rock7.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rocks-Aperture.obj
    \Runtime\Geometries\Tropical Elements\TE-Rocks-Diff.obj
    \Runtime\Libraries\Light\Tropical Elements\Lights.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Light\Tropical Elements\Lights.lt2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Light\Tropical Elements\Lights.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Coconut Palms.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Coconut Palms.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Coconut Palms.pz2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Grass.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Grass.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Grass.pz2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Ground.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Ground.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Ground.pz2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Mexican Palms.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Mexican Palms.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Mexican Palms.pz2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Old Eucalyptus.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Old Eucalyptus.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Old Eucalyptus.pz2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Plants.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Plants.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Plants.pz2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Rocks.dsa
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Rocks.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Tropical Elements\MAT Rocks.pz2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\!Preload - Tropical Elements.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\!Preload - Tropical Elements.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-1.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-1.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-2.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-2.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-3.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-3.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-4.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palm-4.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palms.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Coconut-Palms.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Grass-1.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Grass-1.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Grass-2.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Grass-2.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Grass-3.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Grass-3.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Ground.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Ground.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-1.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-1.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-2.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-2.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-3.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-3.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-4.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalm-4.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalms.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\MexicanPalms.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-1.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-1.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-2.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-2.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-3.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-3.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-4.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-4.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-5.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-5.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-6.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus-6.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\OldEucalyptus.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-1.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-1.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-2.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-2.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-3.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-3.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-4.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-4.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-5.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-5.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-6.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-6.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-7.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-7.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-8.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants-8.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Plants.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock1.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock1.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock2.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock2.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock3.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock3.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock4.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock4.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock5.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock5.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock6.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock6.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock7.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rock7.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rocks-Aperture.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rocks-Aperture.pp2
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rocks-Diff.png
    \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Tropical Elements\Rocks-Diff.pp2

    Hope it helps :)

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    NeilV 1 said:
    Tropical Elements is an ad on pack and if you look on the product page you will see that it requires Tropical Quest - Jungle and Tropical Cave and I believe the texture come in those packs.

    Neil is in fact correct. The textures for Tropical Elements are in the Jungle and Cave products

    this is correct *purchased this item long time ago and YES it is misleading IMO * you need to purchase the jungle & cave to have the textures * or at least I had to in order to have the textures-I have not reset the download recently to see if the textures are included now or not *since I already purchased the 2 items needed for the textures*

  • IanTPIanTP Posts: 1,322
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    Was wondering why it didn't work right, wanders off to see how much for Tropical Quest - Jungle and Tropical Cave are ;)

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