where is the update page?

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There used to be a page to download updates ,and when i tried to download the update for hexagon,i ended up with the free version ,and it rejected my serial..

i came here and found a working serial for the free version

so now i have 3 copies of hexagon ,one i bought from daz....one that came with the "figures,characters book" ..and now the free one

so i am worried about trying to update my copy of daz studio,since the only download i saw was the free one..the same for bryce.

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    Free version == Pro version. So if you got anything less than Pro, well... congratulations. :)

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    well hexagon doesn't have a pro ... i think i got bryce pro for free,but i rarely use it anymore since i switched over to carrara,..i use bryce just for the terrain editor..and daz studio i know is pro for free..but i don't really use daz studio 4 because of the cr2 exporter..i stick with studio 3 with the reliable exporter ..make quick adjustments send to poser and refine since daz studio seems to export my people bald..and then bring them all into carrara where i do most of my work..with that i have 6 pro 6 standard and 7 standard..6 pro came with the "figures" book along with full hexagon,and studio 3.

    i only wanted to upgrade because i was watching a tutorial and his interface looked different than mine..after "updating" i found out it was the same version..the second time i opened it..the cool interface was gone back to my original

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    If you purchased any of the software named through the store here, actually going through the store checkout to purchase them, then you should be able to reset the Download through your account. Click on my account at the top of the page, and in your account dashboard you will fin d your itemised order history. Locate the file you want to redownload and click to reset the download.

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