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I want to change the axis of my aileron! AS you can see it needs to run the same angel as the edge of the object. Can I change its axis so it moves properly?

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    Yes you can.

    Have not done in a long time so I'd point you to help file....look up 'transform'.

    See motion/transform tab and "dial" in with numbers or arrows and choose (upper left) world/local/xxx

    Also try "u" key to get to universal manipulator which often has a different orientation of axes.

    If you have Hexagon it has useful different orientation tools.

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    I have tried everything I can in the MOTION/TRANSFORM AREA and cant change my axis if an object. Could you be clearer?

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    Hey Richard, a little more information might help! How is the rotation achieved? Is it rigged? What are your constraints (if any)? Does it have something to do with the hot point orientation or some internal vertex modeling orientation? Does it use morphs?

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    No morphs, no Restriction as of yet. All I know how to say it is that the rotation axis is correct for the object BUT I Need to change the rotation axis to work like a real Aileron.

    It was made in hex then exported

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    Richard, is the rotation axis on the mesh in the vertex room straight?

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    Hi Rich :)

    In Carrara you can use "Constraints" in the Motion tab to restrict the motion of an object,.
    for example,. A door would only open within specific limits of the hinge and door frame,. and it would only swing open on one axis.

    To specify "Where" the door would Hinge, you would move the Hotspot for the object to one edge. (where the hinge would be)
    then you would set the Motion tab "constraints" to "Axis" and set the X,Y, Z values as required to Limit the rotation of the door.

    The door can only be rotated within the constraints now,. you can't pick it up and move it somewhere, unless it's a parented part of another object.

    There are multiple Preset types of Constraints in Carrara, and there's also a custom option.
    For your Wing flap, you should use an "Axis" constraint, and adjust the angle to suit.
    See pics.

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