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DAZ 3D Is Pleased to Announce the Official Release of Carrara 8.5 **Update - 50% off for owners of Carrara extended**
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-_Milo_- - 26 January 2014 04:33 PM
Mr Ted - 26 January 2014 02:57 PM
-_Milo_- - 22 January 2014 12:40 PM
Mr Ted - 25 December 2013 08:45 PM

Do you happen to recall what that fix was?

Sorry I haven’t responded to this till now, saw it a few days ago but you know how it is working late and all that.  But I can’t find the file that starts with User, let alone preferences or anything of the sort. 

Used to be so easy, but since I got the new MBP already running 10.8.?, now running 10.8.5, nothing is in the spot I used to be able to find it!  I couldn’t even copy and paste the path in the link into spotlight to try to find it that face

Got any more advice?




Yes in 10.7 10.8 they hid the user library directory.  There is a simple way to show it all the time without changing the directory attributes but I can’t find it.  We did it on my wifes.  But here is a quick and easy way.  HOld down option (alt if using a non-apple keyboard) while you go to the GO menu in finder, it will show additional folders. You can select Library from there.  Once that folder is open then you can go into preferences:DAZ 3D:Carrara etc.  I believe thats what you would do.  I don’t have Carrara currently installed on the Mac here to test if this is the exact place. 

Also what Addict said smile

Okay, I just found the time (and nerve) to attempt this.  I get to the preferences document and scroll through it a number if times and I can’t find anything that says intf or font at all.  Where would it be?  There’s a spot where it skips a few spaces and then starts over, could it have actually just gotten deleted somehow?  Would it work if I were to type the suggested text in?  And where if I did?

Thnaks again!

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Carrara is a great piece of software and the upgrade cost of less than $100 is completely justified in my point of view if you look deeper; not to mention the beta public build that’s now available to most users, which is paving the way for some great bug fixes, optimizations and improved features. I simply don’t get the, “in to today’s economy it’s not worth the price” when you can’t read the patch notes and understand why it may or may not be viable for you. We’re talking about powerful 3D software here. Not a plugin for Blender or the likes.

Addendum: I’m not trying to be a jerk to anyone. I’m simply sharing my opinion and POV on the subject. Happy Creating!

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