DAZ to Unity, Transparent Textures not working

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I'm exporting a character with STockings and in DAZ it works.

But Unity(this is a question to the people who use Unity or have used it), doesn't support the same kind of transparancy.

So the stockings don't work at all.

In unity there is a TRANS/DIFFUSE and that's where you shove your texxture there but there's no settings like in daz.

it's just a slot to drag your texture to and then a color chooser thing.

I heard that transparency in Unity only works in the Alpha part...anyways i dont understand any of this but
read some stuff online.

and they say you have to combine the images like this:
Take the main mat texture( i suppose this would be a totally pure black image of the stockings which i make by myself)and put your TRANS map in the ALPHA of that image. I kinda get it cause i found a tutorial.

but i'm still not sure cause do they mean my main image should be the V4 image? and to that i add the stocking TRANS map to the alpha?

OR is my main image just a black color image? and i add to that image's ALpha part the stocking TRANS map. I mean, cause the stockings don't have a texture so i guess it would be black or whatever color the stockings i choose are suppose to be.
( my v4 stocking products has blue, white, blue , black etc stocking colors)

Anyways , so and if i make that image i save it as PNG or JPG and then in unity put it in with mode TRANS/DIFFUSe and shove my image to that slot?


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    Ok Guys i'm back. I got something near what i need but not exactly.

    This is what i did
    1. i took a completely white image ( i dont know why but i tried a black one and so i wanted to try a black too)
    and the Texture map for the stockings(tr image) and in GIMP, i put a mask and copied the Stocking texture Transparetn(black white) image to the mask. alpha channel.

    i dont even know if this was even make sense.

    2. now in unity in the stockings, i set the thighs and shins to be TRANPARENT/DIFFUSE mode.
    ANd apply the created texture.

    then all i have to do is set the MAIN COLOR of those two to R G B all 255 255 255
    and Play with the alpha. I notice if i increase it from 0 to 255.. like at mid level i do get the stockings....

    in somewhat ok,

    BUT i notice that as i'm incrreasing the Alpha , the leg color/texture in my characters skin is also changint towards gray/white..
    i dont want that.

    That means it's not correct.

    here are some pics

    284 x 299 - 64K
    488 x 423 - 171K
    192 x 271 - 74K
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    Guys i'm back with success!!!

    I had to figure out what i was doing wrong.

    I'm sure some of you may be doing games and stuff also like With Unity so, i'll just explain my process that worked perfectly. There was a tutorial already and i did it but i wasn't getting results because there was one last sentenced that said "Optionally do this" and i didn't do it .. But today i discovered that i actually had to do that last step and now the stockings work perfectly and it's transparent.

    1. To make a composed Transparent map in GIMP... Just create a Pure black image and then on top of that add a mask and in the mask insert the original TRANS map.
    then you go to Layer/Mask/Apply Mask...and save as PNG .

    that's it.

    now in the Unity material thing for the Stockings object set the legs and shins to Transparency/Diffuse
    and add your image to both of those.. That's it!

    Make sure the Color for each of those has ALPHA 255

    **I'm sure this was probably a no brainer for some of you, but
    to me it was very difficult i spent like 3 days trying to figure it out

    185 x 256 - 46K
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