Problem using download manager for non DAZ originals

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Its getting very frustrating purchasing non DAZ original content and finding out I have to manually
move my files to their correct folder.

Is anyone else having this problem? Ive decided to stop buying content thats not DAZ original
because either it takes too long to figure out where the files go or I just cant get it to wrk.


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    DIM seems to be installing non-DAZ original content fine for me, but I'm not sure I understand your question.
    Which files/folders are you referring to (an example might help)? Do you mean you cannot download them with DIM, or install them with DIM, or they install in a different windows runtime/content folder than you expect, or they aren't appearing in the Content Library in DS where you expect?

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    I recently purchased Stock Characters for Genesis Male. I used DIM and it installed the files. When I open DAZ I cant find the files.
    It throws it another DAZ 3d folder. This always happens. I do have DAZ 32 and 64 bit installed. Not sure if thats a problem.

    But it wont show in either version when I open it. I just need to know whre do the
    DSON support and PNG files go.

    Ill move them myself.

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    Unfortunately I don't know where the DSON support and PNG files go if you are manually moving files around, somebody else will need to answer that.

    However, if you also want to get the installation process working normally, here are some things to check:
    Make sure that the folder DIM is installing into is also mapped in DAZ Studio.
    In DIM you can click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to get to the Settings window, then click on the Installation tab, then make sure that the path named in the "current" dropdown listed above is the one you expect it to install into.
    In DAZ Studio, in the Content Library tab, click on the menu icon in the upper corner and select "Content Directory Manager", then make sure that same path is mapped under "DAZ Studio Formats" and/or "Poser Formats".
    Once installed, select "Scan Known Directories For Files" from the menu icon to make DAZ search for your newly installed content.
    At this point, your content should show up in the Content Library in subfolders either under Categories > Default > Unassigned, or placed in the appropriate subcategories under Categories > Default.
    Because it may be difficult to locate if it didn't end up in unassigned, immediately prior to installing the product you can right-click on a category and choose "Mark all content as seen" to clear all blue highlighting from every category in the Content Library, and after the new content is installed, you can just look for all the new blue highlighting to find all the scattered bits. Or another way, you may also be able to find it listed alphabetically under the name of the product under the Products category (I don't remember the rules on when it does/doesn't get listed in there.)

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    The files are where they are supposed to be. As it says on the Product Page:

    This product contains only new shapes for Genesis, there are no user-facing files.

    There are no Content Library or Smart Content files to see, just dials in the Parameters/Shaping Panes.

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    Also, by default DIM installs content to something like Documents > My Daz3d Library or something like that. You can either a) add this location as a library in Daz Studio, or b) replace DIM's default library location with the one you want.

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    I selected the path according to what DAZ IT instructed and still nothing.
    There are no dials in the Shaping tab

    Ived a lot of graphic sftware , IClone, PS, Illus, 3ds, AE...all I need to do is install a plug in and thats it.
    It goes where its supposed to. I dont have to make changes or select paths.

    Thats how it s/b. We shouldnt have to waste time figuring out where our files need to go.

    Our time s/b used to create.

    Thanks again for the help...but it looks like I wont be buying nemore 3rd party content from DAZ.

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    I thought I had the same problem. The page is a little confusing leading us to think the morphs create a full character. They only change the head. I found the morphs in the shaping tab under head.

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    Not there either.

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