Please correct daz studio export file options

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I think about daz genesis figure, only obj option seems work well.
though I can use bvh FBX, collada, but about many case,
even though I export gen2F or gen (motion, rigs etc) by bvh, and collada,

after that re-import again to ds and check them,, their rigging are mess up hardly.

so that,, when I tryt to export gen, or gen2F, with many files which made in ds,
to another aprication,
about many case, there need many twekaing.

but after I tweak and clean the rigging of exported genesis, in other 3d aprications,
I can not re-use the animation or poze files as same as before.

It is because, ds export and import options are not good at all.

If DAZ sell good exporter about bvh, and collada, and they work well without many tweaking , I may buy it.
I do not like the current DAZ style, which restrcit daz figure only work well with daz aprications.


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    I have to admit, I've had multiple issues with both importing and exporting FBX files. The current solution doesn't appear to function as it should, and I would dearly love to see an improved version which works. I've not done much work with collada, though the one time I did import a collada prop it was fine. That said, the prop didn't have any rigging data, so that probably helped.

    Rigged imports definitely seem to break a fair bit, and it would be very helpful to have some more options in that area.

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    some collada works but is not saveable
    I have gotten makehuman and my own Carrara rigging in via collada with bones influencing mesh but it falls apart saving as bones not "attached" to the mesh in a way studio recognizes.
    FBX only static stuff works.
    Carrara 8.5 beta does a good job of FBX import but is not transferable to studio, I can bring my iClone figures from pipeline into there talking with spring! (Genesis does not talk though iclone spring works the iclone/crazytalk blendshapes not recognized as morphs)

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    The latest version of Daz is full of bugs.

    The FBX exporter on release doesn't work properly and cannot be imported correctly into other applications such as iclone via 3dxchange. You can solve this by exporting as a collida and then converting the collida to FBX format using the free fbx conversion app from autodesk.

    However if you install the latest beta the fbx export has been fixed and imports into iclone properly without having to do the collida export and conversion first.

    Since 4.5 Daz studio has been full of bugs the most significant being that scenes now take x10 times longer to load than before. I hope this will be fixed soon.

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