Converted Stocking pokes out of Tight converted dress. Any fix?

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So i have a Tight dress/skirt that i converted via the Edit/Figures/Transfer Active morphs and then Edit/Figures/Geometires/Apply smoothing modifier.

Both by themselves fit awesomely to my character.(V4 morph)

But when i use them together, which is what i want, the stocking Figure Pokes out of the Dress. it seems like it's over the dress instead of under it.

But i understand why that happens, both Figures are FIT TO v4 and both are supposed to be tightly conformed to the figure. The fabric is really thin.

is there a way i can make the converted dress alittle thicker or something so that it the stockings don't poke out?

or someway to make it better.


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    There are several ways you can fix pokethrough.
    A quick low-budget workaround would be to hide the offending area (hip, leg, etc), but that will only work if the entire region should be invisible.
    Another way is to see if there are any morphs on the clothing itself that might enlarge it slightly.
    Yet another is to use a DFormer to distort the clothing larger in that area.
    There are other ways to I don't remember offhand that others may suggest.

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    Create a geometry shell of the figure, and then change the collision item on the smoothing modifier in the dress to the geometry shell, then use the shell's mesh offset slider to expand the dress, or you could add a push modifier to the dress and set it to 0.1 or 0.2 and see how it looks.

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    Thanks so much everybody. solved it. The dress had Ajust morphs and that fixed it all.

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