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Still getting myself familiarized with DAZ and was wondering if any of the following assets have been created.

Mandalorian Armor (Non CW)
Clone Trooper V1 (Non CW)
Clone Trooper V2 (Non CW)

Q: How do you make part of an object (Clothing) light emitting? Like if I was creating a TRON like attire or prop?

Q: How exactly does the reflection maps work? I have created a shield that is aged but still have a few parts where the paint is knocked away that I want to make steel.


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    You're not going to find copyright violations of LucasArts properties as DAZ commercial products. There have been some freebie/fanart versions; here is Wayii's for M4, which can be autofitted to Genesis/G2F. No idea on the other clone troopers.

    Second question: Two ways. If you just want it to look like it's glowing, give the material comprising that part an ambient color of white (or whatever color you want it to glow; if the diffuse is colored, probably white) in your Surfaces tab. If you want it to actually behave as a light in the scene, you need to select the material in the surfaces tab and ctrl+click omnifreaker's UberAreaLight base (found under Light Presets in DS) to make it an emitter. Mixing this with UberEnvironment lighting tends to produce grainy results, so test before doing your big final renders.

    Third question: You need those parts to be on a separate material zone, so you can turn reflection up to a higher amount and the shader to "glossy metallic" or "glossy plastic" on just those sections. Otherwise you can try creating a black/white map for the Reflection Strength channel based on the UV of that item, where black will be non-reflective and white will be your reflective sections.

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    I'm not big enough into Star Wars to know one armor from another, so I'll just link you to the ones I know of and you can sort it out. lol

    Stormtrooper Armor: (this is actually for M2, so may require adjustment)
    Scout trooper armor: (since same creator as below, I'll assume M4)
    Scout trooper helmet: (for M4, may need adj on other figures)

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    Incidentally, if you want to create a lightsaber effect you're better off simply using a stick for the beam in Daz Studio with a slight 'glow' to it and then doing most of the extra work in Photoshop or something. The halo surrounding an object is very difficult to do convincingly at render time, so use the glowstick as a reference point to add in a decent halo afterwards.

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    Fro the reflection you would make a greyscale image for the reflection strength. Areas with no reflection would be black, areas with full reflection would be white.

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