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WPLegacy app not running?
Posted: 24 June 2012 07:51 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Just brought WPLegacy and unzipped to get the app installer. Clicking the app gives me a flash only and not the expected installer screens.

I also just upgraded to DAZ 4 and now trying to organize and install my purchases. For the last 6 years I’ve been on the back burner so now trying to get things together to move forward.

Is there something I’m ‘missing’ with this product? Other products I installed yesterday went fine. I’m running MAC 10.6.8 Thanks

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The older Mac installers need the Classic environment, which is no longer present in recent builds of OSX. You have a couple of options - aside from asking for a refund - use a Windows machine to run the Windows installer and copy the files across, use WINE on the Mac itself to run the Windows installer, or wait for DAZ to switch the product to zips - they seem to be starting with the older files because of the Mac issue so with luck it shouldn’t be a long wait.


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Thanks Richard I guess that will also be the answer for my old VISE installers?
Since I changed machines to the mac all my products are mixed up between Bryce and DAZStudio on DVDs and backups. I’m now trying to untangle which is which and install keeping order this time for those I want to use.

I do have a window machine so installing there and copy over may be my best process.