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DS4 weirdness and Tori

DisparateDreamerDisparateDreamer Posts: 1,820
edited December 1969 in The Commons

First just frustrated because after reinstalling uber lights and stuff, they still don't work in Daz 4 for me!!!

Second, Tori loads with her skin on full reflection??? 100%? SHe renders like a glass bulb! Grrrr

Third, I keep forgetting that altho pwCatch was supposedly "updated' to work in DS4 it doesn't work correctly.

Thus adds up to... I wasted all night on a render that came out all messed up.

Just another rant; just venting. Sigh.

ESPECIALLY the lights and the pwCatch.... I use pwCatch like 90% of the time in DS3 an not being able to use it in DS4 is a real killer. :(


  • Norse GraphicsNorse Graphics Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    There was a technique that Carnite taught us using Shader Mixer to create all sorts of shadows that you could plop finished renders onto photos. Her's the YT tutotials:



    If you're unfamiliar with Shader Mixer, don't worry, it isn't that difficult when you get to learn some 'recipes'. It's all about trying out and testing. I hope this helps despite not mentioning pwCatch. As to reflection, you should go into the Surfaces-tab, scroll down to Reflections, and see if it's cranked up. Delete any maps in the reflection-channel and set it to 0%.

  • DisparateDreamerDisparateDreamer Posts: 1,820
    edited December 1969

    Norse Graphics, thanks a LOT!!!! I have been going mad not using pwCatch! This obviously can't do as much as pwCatch but it's still a long ways ahead of what I've been able to do with the buggy DS4 pwCatch version. This will definitely be a life saver! THANK YOU! :D

  • Norse GraphicsNorse Graphics Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I'm glad to be of any help, belovedalia.

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