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DAZ site Missing Carrara items?
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I have been looking at the “improved” site, and it seems to be anything but for us Carrara users.  There is no trial link for Carrara, and every other piece of software DAZ sells is currently being given away for FREE, with download links.  The new Documentation/ Help section has zip on Carrara, but the DAZ 3D section has been up since March.  They don’t even have an upgrade path from C8 to C8pro in the store anymore.

From what I have seen in the software upgrades, the most substantial improvements are to allow us to buy even more software.

I liked Carrara, it could do things that more powerful software could only do with difficulty.  But this seems like C8 is the red-headed stepchild of DAZ.

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It appears that DAZ tried to do some painting before any walls were erected. smile

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C8 to C8pro upgrade is available when you phone in your order, not in the new store.
Trial is always available at;3
At the new store, you can currently get an 8.5 beta as a trial
The old documentation is still online at


Everything about Carrara:
LuxusCore for Carrara plugin – Unofficial manual:

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            Yes, It has been commented about many times about the new site and Daz has apologized for the delays in getting everything up to speed. So we just have to wait a little bit and hope it all comes together sooner than later. But the statement that it seems Carrara is the odd step-child of Daz does always seem to ring true more than not despite the fact this child of theirs is an exceptional one.



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