I can't find 8.1.12

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I've been away for a few months, and I can't seem to find the latest production release of 8.1. Every time I reset the C8 pro update it sends out the beta. So how do I download 8.1.12?


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    Hi JW_Bearcat

    You should get your original purchase (C8) reset in your downloads as well as getting the latest beta.
    If that's not happening ,.. contact Daz support and let them know about it,.
    You bought it, and you should be able to download the latest production release.

    Hope it helps ;)

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    Sometimes I think the open beta process confuses more than it helps. People lose track of what actually was the production build. Worse , folks delete it from their comps and lose track of the stable version altogether. In fact they end of using the Beta's and get discouraged forgetting that --well its beta.

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    I finally found it,among all the other stuff in the reset download. The problem was that there were two different beta downloads in there as well, and no way besides downloading them all as to which was which! Sheesh.

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    Keep in mind with the new system, if you have mutliple downloads, you could have multiple pages. I got the Beta on the first page and then 8.1.12 and the rest of the files on following pages.

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