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Greetings! I am a novice, so please feel free to let me know if this belongs elsewhere.

I am shopping around for a shader, skin, or other effect that will cause my characters to appear as if they are traced of light, electricity, data, translucent energy, etc. An example of the type of effect I am trying to achieve:

(Or, see attachment.)

Please let me know of anything you know of that gets anywhere even remotely close to this kind of effect. :) Thanks!

- aqaraza

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    It can easily be done. However to get that streaky light lines requires post work. I will make you this shader when I have time. Just need to remember where I put my Uv templates. The secret is to paint a "light" dot on the vertices of the uv map. That makes sure the dots follow the contour of the figure. (add some in-between for diversity). Then all you do is make a transparency map that isolates the dots, turn up the ambience of the diffuse texture and ur done.:) Is this for a male or female?

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    Well, when I said novice, I meant novice -- I am actually evaluating tools and deciding which to learn (and delve into) based on the outcome of this task. So, I don't even have my model yet.

    I did find these two modules as well, which get pretty darn close to kind of thing I am looking for...

    - aqaraza

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    Studio 4 Pro actually can't be beat at the moment. Its still free I think and genesis is an amazing products and those shaders have Xray which gives you a nice almost vr effect

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    The picture you posted looks to me like an image projected onto wires, so I made a very simple dynamic hair in Carrara 8 for a screen. Then I added a gel image to a spotlight as a projector.
    I made the gel image by adding a surface replicator containing a light bulb to V4. The bulbs had 0% intensity and excluded all objects, so they didn't actually light anything. By adding lens flare you can get all sorts of glowy special effects.

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    Wow that looks great Eximorph!
    The OP image appears to be based on intersection of the thin tubes with the figure mesh, placing a bright spot at intersection and then fading the further away the tubes move from intersection. I know how to do that in say POV Ray, but no real idea of how to handle it in DS.

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