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Having trouble hoping some folks have already worked out. Using Carrara 8 Pro current beta. I have a character hanging from a ledge. I want to animate the body turning slightly while keep his left hand and fingers remain in place. Sort of pivoting to the right using the current left hand "grip" as the center. I have attempted an object helper for the left hand which I do not move. However, no matter what I try, I can't get the hand to stay put. Can you give me some suggested approaches to try?

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    How did you have the helper and hand set up? Can you exclude the hand from the IK? I seem to recall doing something a while ago, where I needed the hand to stay put, while the rest of the body moved, unfortunately I can't find the scene to see what I did. I do know I used a target helper, in conjunction with the hands' IK and tracking, etc. It can be done. I might have also customized the movement constraints.

    Here's a thought: A hand, even if it's holding a dangling weight will shift slightly, as it's the fingers and finger tips that are actually doing the lion's share of the gripping. Could you try aligning target helpers with the finger tips and having them track the target helpers?

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    As a ridiculous work-around you could parent the ledge to M4's hand, and parent everything else in the scene to the ledge (including the camera, lights, etc)

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