DAZ Studio 4 and Second Life meshes

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I'm trying to do Second Life animations using Studio 4, and I'm stuck at square one. I can make working animations using Genesis, but they won't upload to SL.

Everything I've read says I need to install the "Second Life Mesh" package, so I tried that, and followed all of the instructions. The figure doesn't appear in the scene workspace though, all I get is something that looks like shorts and maybe a collar. It almost appears as though the PNG file isn't being handled.

Is there something I'm missing here, or is DS4 just not compatible with the SL character templates?



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    A wild guess,
    Check the Opacity setting in the Surface tab, for converted stuff it sometime is set to 0%
    Also DS use opacity some other programs use transparency meaning that transparency maps have to be inverted to work as intended in DS.
    The PNG transparency channel will not work at all.

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    Actually solved it the following day. Apparently there was something wrong with the version of Daz. Reinstalling the latest corrected it. Thanks for the help though!

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