Aiko 4 and hair difficulties

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Trying to put hair on Aiko 4, but not matter what hair I'm adding it does not want to sit correctly. I check the Parameters/Misc tab for the Fit To option, but do not have it listed (and that happens with each hair I try). What am I missing or doing wrong?

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    It looks like prop hair, which is why there is no Fit To option. Look in the Pose folder for this hair and see if there's a fit morph, or check the Parameter dials for one.

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    It's hair for, by default, the A4 morph for Victoria 4. Aiko 5 for Genesis is a very different shape, and I doubt the hair will have a fit pose so you will either need to create your own (using translation, scale and the provided adjustment morphs) or you will need to ask for a refund on the hair.

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    It is A4 with the Isa texture, not A5 or Genesis.

    I find the hair under Poser Formats > MyLibrary > Hair > Daz Hair.

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