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I am considering which interiors to purchase when this crossed my mind. I am wanting to build a scifi room/building and I would like to import that into Skyrim for my personal use. My main concern is the legality of it. I'm not even sure how or if it is possible to do that.


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    I don't know whether it can be done or not, but if you are using it for personal use, and nobody else can get at the mesh to extract it, then it would be OK to use it. You cannot give it away for free either of course.

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    You might be better off googling free meshes to use for that. Meshes optimized for DS and Poser tend to be high-poly even for a game like Skyrim; if you put something like a full Stonemason set in the game (again, as the previous poster said, assuming you do NOT ever release it to anyone) you're going to take quite a frame hit.

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