Simple Thai-Style Bird Cage [Version 2 - added missing texture images!]

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Available from:
- ShareCG 'Simple Thai Style Bird Cage'
- Renderosity 'Simple Thai Style Bird Cage' (the upload's vanished from Renderosity - I've had feedback that they're trying to find out what's happened!)
(4Aug13 UPDATE VERSION 2: added the missing wood texture images. Alternatively download the images manually from post #5 below)

In the South of Thailand keeping caged birds is very popular. By far the most popular bird is the Red-Whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) because of its beautiful and melodious singing voice. Known locally as 'Nok Krong Hua Juk' (literally 'crested cagebird') their owners regularly get together to show off the birds in singing competitions.

This low resolution (1745 vertices/980 faces) model represents the most basic and simplest style of cage - a dozen or so square-sectioned pieces of wood form the basic frame, shorter pieces of wood are used to make the perch and door, and simple wooden doweling is used for the bars.

You'll probably want a freebie bird model to put in this freebie cage. Two suggestions:
- Papasmrfe's Bird: (semi-realistic) free from ShareC -
- LiluBird: (toon style) free from here - doll.htm <= The forum messes up this link - the space between 'Original' and 'doll' should be three characters % 2 0 with no spaces.</strong> Or go to, click on 'Enter', scroll down and click on the 'Original doll' link near the bottom of the page

I've included a couple of Poser files to make it easy to use these two birds with this cage. You need to download and install the bird models separately first. I've also incorporated a very simple Red Whiskered Bulbul texture for LiluBird. (I was unable to do this for Papasmrfe's bird due to UV mapping issues - working to resolve this). Also check out Ethereal Shines textures/poses for LiluBird at ShareCG here

For those of you who have the basic *DAZ3D Songbird I've also included a couple of Poser files to help with that. You need to buy, download and install the DAZ Songbird separately to make use of these files. They incorporate a very simplistic Red Whiskered Bulbul texture, crest morph, and bill morph as shown in the main promo above.

Happy rendering!
Pete Williams
3rd August 2013

*Note: I used the original UV-mapping, same as the Grosbeak, Tanager and 'Wabler'! [sic] The main promo image below uses the DAZ Songbird with this Red Whiskered Bulbul texture. Yes - I bought it a while back via my PC-member alter-ego!

800 x 800 - 284K
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    With Papasmrfe's bird, dark wood, and the cage door open...
    and LiluBird as a red-whiskered bulbul

    500 x 495 - 116K
    500 x 500 - 75K
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    That's lovely, Pete -- thanks very much!

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    thankyou for the freebie :D

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    The cage is great. One problem is that the textures for the cage are not included and it keeps asking for them when I load it. Can this problem be solved? Will Rhett and Scarlett ever find true happiness? Will the washing machine ever cough up the socks it eats? Tune in tomorrow . . . Sorry I've had grandchildren for 8 straight days. ;o

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    Dorseyland/aki3 - glad you like it. I've had the cage lying around for over a year,but I didn't want to release it without a red-whiskered bulbul! Like I said this is the simplest style of cage - I plan to do some older-style (more ornate) wooden cages too, but no e.t.a. for them...

    Teri - Whoops! Fixed with a version 2 zip upload to both ShareCG and Renderosity. Alternatively just save the three images attached to this post and put them in your runtime as:

    You may have to correct the filenames after download as the forum might rename them on upload - should be obvious which is which!
    The images use basic GIMP wood pattern fills, so no copyright issues, but the images aren't tileable.

    512 x 512 - 119K
    512 x 512 - 90K
    512 x 512 - 102K
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