Face morphs for Genesis 3

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With the forum down I got to look around some and found scripts by millighost to import and export dsf-files to blender. I played around some with genesis and this came out:

Girl at shareCG, Rendorsity

Face 2 at shareCG, Rendorsity

Set 3 added 2012-May-27. Hope you enjoy.
Face 3 at shareCG, Rendorsity

I am still a newbie to both blender and morphing. I hope they are of use to somebody.

Millighost's scripts can be found here.
The scripts in the beginning of the thread are a bit outdated so look towards the end.

Cheers! Oom

edit: typo, added links,

600 x 600 - 75K
600 x 600 - 48K
600 x 600 - 40K
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    Downloaded it, must try one day or another.


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    Thanks so much!

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    I downloaded your morphs (both sets) and I have only this: THANK YOU! They're fantastic and not at all like anything else I already have.

    Here's a character I did using only your morphs.

    2eyeA -50% (I edited the limits on it so I could get a downward slant on the eyes)
    2faceA 67%
    2lipA 68%
    2noseA2 49%
    2shinA 41%
    FaceA 73%
    LipA 42%
    NoseA 0%

    599 x 599 - 138K
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    Lord Crios
    I am looking forward to that.

    Alisa Uh-Lisa
    You are welcome. I hope you find them useful.

    You are welcome. I am happy you like them. Nice render, you have matched the character and texture very well.
    The range was set wider then 0-100% for the morphs in the second set but somehow it dispersed.
    The eye morph had a - 30% limit IIRC. Well done to figure it out.

    Cheers! Oom

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    I just uploaded a new set of face morphs to shareCG. See first post for link.

    Cheers! Oom

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,279
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    They look great!! Thanks :)

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