U.V. MAP to SUB or not to SUB!

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I have some strange issues in the UV mapping area! Seems I cant win when it comes to MAP SUBDIVISIONS... ON it sucks OFF it sucks!

576 x 534 - 139K
576 x 514 - 154K
576 x 335 - 87K
576 x 334 - 86K
576 x 333 - 96K


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    HI Rich :)

    UV mapping should be done without using Subdivision smoothing applied to the model.

    I also thing you may be in the wrong place,.. :)
    This is the help for New users,.. just getting started.

    from your pics I can see some minor distortion (bending) but I'm not entirely sure what you want to see, and therefore,.. what the issue is.
    It could be a simple adjustment of some vertices in the UV room.
    I take it this is in carrara. not hex ?
    I'd really need to see the maps , the UV's, and maybe some more info on what you want to get to.

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    HI Rich :)

    If the problem is that the maps are being distorted (bent) when you add sub division smoothing.

    The way to fix this is to add more definition to the model at that point,.
    Usually by adding another edge loop,. select an edge,.

    "Loop" the selection, then use Modelling/ "extract along".
    because there's more definition in that area of the model, there should be less distortion in that area.

    Hope it helps :)

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    I am sorry guys I thought I was in the Carrara Forum! Thanks 3DAGE

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    You're back in the Carrara Forum Now LOL :)

    Thanks to Richard H for Moving it :)

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    Sometimes creasing some edges may help. Sometimes when mixing quads with tri's will also cause distortion. If you look at the mesh, you probably can see the distortions when you apply smoothing.

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