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Question about M4/V4 Creature Creator Add Ons.
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Since these add-on packs are figures themselves, I’m wondering if they can work interchangeably between other figures (M4/V4 & Genesis), and also if the M4 & V4 versions accept the same maps?

Basically if I buy them I would prefer to use them with Genesis, since I have that Creature Creator bundle but I can’t get tails or hoofs or horns from it ... Also I already have RawArt’s V4 Wyldcatz bundle, which I’ve used on Genesis via V4 uv mapping without any issue. Realistically though, I never use V4. I use the Genesis mesh for most of my girls + creatures and the M4 mesh for most of my guys, so from that standpoint it’d probably be smarter to get the M4 Creature Creator Add Ons just in case I ever want to use them on a Gen4 character ... But if I DO buy the M4 version, will the maps I bought from RawArt work on them? And the biggest question, will the legs/tails/horn even work on Genesis? If anyone has a clue or some insight it’d be much appreciated!




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hey i’m new here and i’m curious about the horns. I have the freak and i just bought the map pack. I see there is a morph for the horn but i dont see where the horns are in Poser. Care to enlighten me?

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Do you have the Creature Creator Accessories? That’s what has the horns.


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