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Does the following in the End User Licensing Agreement also apply to items we purchase here from Published Artists, or is it only valid for DAZ originals?

You may: Create still images, animations, or any other rendered output in any format for any purpose. Once you've created an image or animation, you may use it however you like. This means you can sell, give away, use in projects at work, use in greeting cards, use in personal or client websites, use in illustrations, advertisements, use to create tangible replicas, etc...

The reason I'm asking is because of the following . . .

Published items, also known as "Brokered" items are products that are created by third party artists which DAZ markets, advertises, sells, and supports. The original artist retains ownership of these products


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    Yes the EULA applies to PA items as well as Daz originals. The sentence in red just states the PAs own their products instead of Daz.

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    What has been said by MrPoser is correct. note this phrase in the EULA

    to include DAZ3D'S (and third parties, if any)

    It is only when you are talking about the Game licenses that you would need to deal with Daz3D and PAs separately..
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    Thank you for the clarification.

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    To clarify: the *3D models* you use to create your renders are NOT allowed to be redistributed or sold - neither DAZ models nor PA models - as they are protected by IP and copyright law. In general, purchased models can be used to produce *renders* which you may redistribute and earn profit from. The activity of placing, lighting and rendering models is the value added activity performed by the artist which creates new IP (the artwork itself). The only exception would be a render which allows someone to replicate the design of the underlying 3D model, for example a wireframe render of a model from top/left/front would arguably be distributing the model's mesh in raw form without any added artistic value.

    Hope that helps.

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