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Are They Equivalent? 
Posted: 21 June 2012 10:15 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I’m looking at a lot of items in the DAZ Original Summer Sale and something I’ve noticed, we all know that Raiya is the creator behind the Manly Men M5 Shapes which contain 8 Body and 5 Head Morphs. While I was looking at the times that caught my eye was another earlier product by Raiya called Feminine Touch for Genesis, containing 8 Body and 8 Head Morphs, almost as if an exact female complimentary of the same concept. Though, Feminine Touch came out even before V5

I’m curious to know if these two are supposed to be directly equivalent counterparts with each other? Can one say that Feminine Touch is V5’s “Girly Girls” and that Manly Men are Genesis’ “Masculine Kick”? smile


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Well, they are both sets of non-idealised custom shapes, so I suppose you could say they were equivalents yes.


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