"Choose the program you want to open this file" Huh?

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I just downloaded DS4 Pro. not DS4.5. After it completed downloading, a window popped up saying excatley what is in the quotes in the title of this thread says. I don't know what program to use. This never happened before, even after the new changes to DAZ took effect, untill now. Please help.


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    Which operating system are you using? can you see the extension of the file you downloaded? if so what is it?

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    I have Windows Vista. When I downloaded it, the icon was a piece of paper, and the file name gibberish consisting of letters and numbers. I didn't see a file extension.. I'm now trying Chrome to try to download it as I type this.

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    See if Taozen's 3DContentDownloader can handle this new bug...

    I put it in my sig.

    (I just tried a couple in my Firefox, and I didn't get the bug, so I can't test, yet).

    They've been making changes, at the site. Maybe if you cleared your cache?

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    Using Chrome worked perfectly. Thanks for all the suggestions. T Jaiman, I'll have to keep in mind Taozen’s 3DContentDownloader in case other problems should arise. Now to figure out why the load UV set doesn't work for me in DS4 Pro.

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    Load UV Set is broken for non-Genesis figures in DS4 currently: https://bugs.daz3d.com/view.php?id=45520

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    Thanks, Fixmypcmike. Thank goodness I still have DS3 so I can create the character save it and then open it up in DS4.

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