Neutral Grey Skin Presets- V4/M4/G2F

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I didn't see anything like these, so I just created some quick and dirty like. =P
Easy enough to create them yourself, but eh. Genesis 1 comes with it's own, so I didn't do one.

V4/M4 are the only Gen4 figures I have. I'll get some Gen3s up too soon.

V4: (DUF and DSA)

M4: (DUF and DSA)

G2F: (DUF only)

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    Thaaaaanks. :)

    Will BF2 now automatically load with this neutral grey if I use your freebie?

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    Nope, this is just a mat preset like applying skin, except there are no texture files. I think getting her to load with it by default requires saving her out as a whole new figure after applying the preset.

    I figured it to just be faster than copy/pasting from Genesis, or using G1's version and editing the surfaces manually that G1 doesn't have.

    I was setting up a separate runtime for texture creation, and created these as I was creating presets for Snowsultan's seam guides. Figured I'd give 'em away.

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