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"I don't want my pizza burning" by Casina777 made the #2 spot in the article of The 9 Most Brilliant Pieces of Comedy Hiding on YouTube


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    those guys at cracked certainly do not hold back on the sarcasm, I always enjoy Casina's animations ♥♡♥♡♥
    considering what IS up on YouTube, I never understand the harshness in the comments by trolls on her, mine and many other uploaded videos,
    we are having fun doing something we enjoy and sharing it.
    I seem so many have a Youtube account, not to upload videos, they do not do that, but to troll, disparage and criticise the work of others in order to gain "likes" on their comments.
    strangely I rarely comment on a video, mostly just select "like" I tend not to criticise at all but even a cheeky tongue in cheek comment on one user's video of him smashing a guitar amp where I said "it is not the amp's fault if you play bad" earnt me massive abuse on ALL my videos from him at the time, I was not even aware his music was playing in the background, so I apologized for trying to be funny and making a lame joke and blocked him on my account.
    poor Cassie gets a lot of mean comments on her videos, I see the early ones when I watch them as I am subscribed to her fhannel, I often make a nice comment only to have the trolls mark it as spam so it is hidden.
    this is a YouTube feature that irks me and I have done a couple of videos criticising it.
    they give the bullies and trolls power.
    the same trolls have forums where they gang up and flag stuff.
    I know this through insight seeing where my videos are embeded and Google searching my channel name.
    there is a whole subculture of trolls out there seeking like in their own online communities!
    (take note Daz)
    I have been told by Youtube my channel and videos have been excessively flagged, I imagine Casina gets this too!
    they say that my videos meet the guidelines so put 18+ on a few mild ones with no nudity and just a hint of sexual content ie bouncing saggy boobs (fully clothed)
    just to satisfy their investigation into the matter.
    Casina tends to get videos restricted to certain countries due to matched content in her sound track.
    this would be only due to flagging as others use popular music extensively in their videos
    having my myspace account closed uploading my very first video due to copyright infringement due to ignorance for using music taught me to use my own awful music

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    I agree, Cracked was a bit on the harsh side about the video; but critics are going to be critics, especially when they opine about something they really don't know about. I've tried dabbling with the animation aspect of Poser & it's confusing; I've managed a few .gifs & that's all. I don't think I'd have the patience to animate a 4 minute scene, let alone add a soundtrack. I thought she did a good job.

    I didn't read the comments on her YouTube page; however, a lot of those "trolls" are probably young kids using the internet to act all big & bad. It's sad, but I guess it's part of internet life.

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    I watched the video, and the first thing that hit me was the Uncanny Valley, especially the expression on the face. The dancing was ok, but it can be improved by adjusting the morphs, so it would be more lifelike (gravity of the boobs etc.). Little things that makes a difference. So technically she could improve, so I sent a YT-mail giving some advice (in a good-spirited way!). I said I hoped my message doesn't discourage her, and there are people she could get help from if she needs it. It really doesn't matter as long as she's got guts to post the videos online.

    You know, Wendy, you could get some royalty-free lyrics and record your singing w/music. Sort of circumventing copyright infringement, avoiding it altogether. No doubt the trolls will flag you, but really, you shouldn't give a **** about their comments. As long as it makes you happy, then all is good. If I'd get a lot of bad comments on my renders at Flickr, should I care about them? (unless there are technical stuff that might improve my works, that's critic that I take to heart) But so far, I get few comments, so I'm not in the loop. :lol:

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    As artist we need to stop expecting the best after exposing ourselves to the general public. Especially a place like YouTube, which is essentially a voyeuristic landscape. People do not go to YouTube to encourage, learn and be impressed. They go to YouTube to gape. And when they see what they consider an accident, they stop to glare, criticize and disparage.

    There are other sites which are designed for encouragement and learning and sharing. YouTube is not that place. If you're looking for encouragement, narrow where you post your work. YouTube's a great place for what it is but you're more likely to discover how little tolerance people have.


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