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Carrara Underwater Scene
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Here is a basic Carrara Underwater Scene, works in 8 and 8.5.  This file creates an ocean surface and seafloor, plus 2 spot lights for caustics and rays.  You will need to see Caustics generator for the useage of caustics images or use your own.  I used the supplied shaders in Carrara to set this up, if they don’t work, just browse your file structure to find the needed shaders, I have the default structure so it should work for the majority of users.  It’s up at ShareCG

I took a little searching to find how to do underwater scenes in Carrara and then tweaking to get a nice look, I thought this would help someone to get their underwater scene started.

You can raise the sea floor up for shallower water.  Anything close to the camera is a little darker so just increase the intensity of the close up light, it aims just in front of the camera.

I used a couple tutorials-

Mark Bremmers tutorial for the set up and learning to understand how it works.

I Iiked Carl E Schou tutorial with 2 spot lights, one for the ocean surface and the other for the caustics, with the ocean surface starting well forward of the camera


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Thanks for this - I may have to dust off my Carrara installation and try it out. Now where did I install that scuba outfit to..?

I’m wondering what happened to Carl now; I used to chat with him on a long-gone forum, and have lost contact since then. He had a web site of his own, but I can’t remember what it was called.

Edit: ack, maybe not. My Carrara installation has more dust on it than I’d thought: it’s only version 7. Thanks for the scene, anyway, and I might be able to do something using Carl’s tutorial so thanks for the link too.


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