Bryce 7 and Bryce 7 Pro ?

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I have a simple question. Is there any difference between Bryce 7 which I received during the promo and Bryce 7 Pro? Reason I ask is I'm considering buying the Pro but if there is no difference then I won't.

Much appreciation


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    You say during the promo, are you talking about the free software giveaway that was running up until a couple of months ago? If so, then you should have Bryce 7 Pro

    AN easy way to check is to see if you have all the Icons active along the top bar of the working screen. If some are greyed out, (the new light types) then you do not have Br 7 Pro.

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    Thanks, for the quick response. I did receive it during that promo. I'll check anyway. Thanks for the info ChoHole!

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    It doesn't sound like you have it installed yet because if you did the splash screen on startup says Bryce 7 Pro. There are only two versions that I'm aware of excluding older revisions and that's Bryce 7 Pro and Bryce 7 PLE which are both actually the same software package but the serial key for the PLE one only activates some of the features in Bryce which I believe is why ChoHole was asking if some of the menu items are grayed out. Another simple and easy way to check on what you have and it doesn't even have to be installed is to go to your "My Account" page on this site and then click where it says My Serials. This will bring up a list of serials from everything you ever got from Daz that requires serials such as Bryce 7 Pro, Hexagon, Daz Studio, etc. If you have Bryce 7 Pro (which you should if you got it thru the promotion ChoHole mentioned) then next to it's serial number it will say Bryce 7 Pro. Also and for what it's worth, if you did get it from the promo mentioned then you already have the latest (most current) version.

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    My Bryce version said PLE on the splash screen.
    I went to my serial numbers, copied the Pro number and entered it into Bryce.
    Now the splash screen says PRO.
    I don't notice any other difference between PLE and PRO to be honest.

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    @NucEmAll - welcome to these forums. The PLE is rather limited in important departments.
    Light Lab: no distant light, no dome lights, no parallel lights, no fill lights.
    IBL: No light from inside, no tone-mapping, no specular map, no soft shadows.
    No additional content, no network render client.
    Just have a look at

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    Thanks Horo. My 3D self-training goes in stages. I'm just ending a Daz Studio phase and becoming reacquainted with Bryce. The Personal Limited Edition would have suited my needs for a while I'm sure, but the additional Pro features will be essential as I progress.

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    @NucEmAll - you're welcome. So I can safely say that you're light years ahead of me as far as Studio is concerned. I've really never got the hang of it and I had started with version 0.8 or 0.9.

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    Horo, it took some time to feel comfortable with DAZ since I came from working with Strata 3D. Once I got into it though, I was impressed with it's capabilities.
    Bryce, at least on a Mac, seems to be at the end of the road (no updates since before DAZ took over). Still, even with the DAZ/Bryce interoperability issues, the tool is fantastic and seems like it will meet my needs.

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    Oh yes, the Mac was always updated. DAZ 3D got Bryce 5.01 from Corel, development went always parallel. Unfortunately, a short time after Bryce 7.1 came out, Apple decided to stop supporting Rosetta for good and so Bryce doesn't work on any Mac OS > 10.6 anymore.

    As far as updates and bug fixes are concerned, it's been 3 years now that DAZ 3D ignores Bryce but pushes development of Studio and Carrara. Hexagon is even worse off than Bryce. I also have Carrara since v.3 up to 8.0 and Hex 2.5. Using these programs is work while using Bryce is just simply fun.

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    although im a devoted bryce user :) ..daz studio is a breeze to use once you get used to the layout, to make it easy for yourself, the trick is to just get use to the terminology...when you have that down, you can customise the interface to suite you :) sure its different for everyone, but approaching daz studio like this helped me learn how to use it and navigate around it very fast.

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    We shouldn't hijack this thread, but....
    I'm kind of stuck using Mac OS 10.6 until Bryce is updated for 10.7 or 10.8 or 10.x.
    To keep Bryce relevant, it needs to be updated since us 10.6 users are thinning in our ranks.

    Hexagon appears to be powerful but I can do what I need (mesh creation, UV mapping, etc) with another product that has a much more intuitive UI.

    Bump on DAZ rocking - once you learn the interface.

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    NucEmAll, it is quite easy to run Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8 in emulation with VMWare Fusion and thus Bryce 7 inside Mavericks. I am doing it.

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    Forgive my rural imagery but, wouldn't that be like building a new barn with a special stall for a favorite horse that appears to be headed for the glue factory anyway?
    Without a Bryce upgrade to Apple's newest OS and a commitment on DAZ's part to continue the upgrades as the environment changes, I fear Bryce, like my favorite horse, does not have long on this world.
    I'm not seriously looking for a replacement yet, but the handwriting is on the wall. :-(

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    As long as this Bryce community stays alive and kicking, and upbeat about our fave program, there will always be a voice for Bryce within DAz 3D.

    Bryce rocks.

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    Love the enthusiasm!
    Bryce Rocks!
    Sorry for being a pragmatic wet blanket.

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