Lashes for Gumdrops

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Got bored awhile back and made these then didn't upload them for months haha. I get nervous making stuff. Anyway, I made some lashes for Gumdrops and I hope you guys find them useful. There aren't any morphs so if you can make some feel free and share them :D

Eyelashes for Gumdrops

edit: There are actually 3 different sets of lashes. Also..not one comment guys? Gee thanks.

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    They're lovely. Many thanks! :)

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    Did not see this until now... but it is a fabulously lovely and useful prop.... trumarcar got me hooked on these little cute candies and i have wished for eyelashes for them... looks fantastic, thank you VERY much!

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    Glad you like them! I hope they're not to difficult to use with expressions. I just kinda move them up and down and whatnot. I thought about adding morphs but then figured it took me four months to upload three little sets of eyelashes..if I added morphs you'd all get them in around 2030 haha

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