Issue with DS mats for Stonemason's Urban Future

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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to get the DS mats to load for Stonemason's Urban Future in DS4 Pro.

I'm loading the model using the poser formats My Library, then swapping to my Daz Studio formats My Library, and clicking on the DS textures, but nothing happens. The model stays a uniform grey colour. I've double checked that the model is selected in the scene when I try to apply the mats as well.

Am I missing something here? Anyone else who has this able to check if it works for them?



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    Couple of times I've bumped to something that throws a fit if I haven't selected the item both in scene tab and surfaces tab.

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    I'll test that out later tonight, thanks for the tip.

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    It looks like this was one of the first things to come out with D|S presets after D|S came out of beta — open one of the .ds files in a text editor and look at the version number at the top. These very old scripts aren't guaranteed to work in later program versions. They do work in D|S3, I just did that a few minutes ago, but they won't work in D|S4 (and, I assume, in D|S 4.5RC as well). If you have D|S3 installed, you could try re-saving the materials preset which would create a new script to the D|S3 standard. That'll work in 4. If not, all you can really do is open a support ticket and ask for updated D|S materials files.

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    Thanks SpottedKitty, I guess I'll have to open a support ticket then.

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