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Bounding box question
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The only display type which Daz Studio 4 plays back my animations at their actual speed on is bounding box but the size of the boxes can make it very difficult to judge how the animation is looking. I know that it’s unlikely since they are “bounding” boxes but is there an option somehere in Daz Studio to change the size of a bounding box?

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HI Son of Belmont smile

No is the simple answer. ..a Bounding box is based on the Area of the geometry, so only a smaller object would produce a smaller bounding box.

My tip for making animation is to use a basic figure, no clothes, no hair etc, that way you have the least amount of geometry possible.
then , when you think you’re happy,.. kick out a “draft” render of your animation, sit and watch / analyse that,  frame by frame.
Sequenced images are really useful for this.
Then go back and adjust if needed.

Hope it helps smile