Problem with Aiko 4 eyes

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First of all, I hope this is the right place to post this... I've been trying for hours to get this to work and no solution...

So here's the deal, I haven't touched Poser in a while but recently I got the urge to play around with it a little.
I downloaded V4.2 from my library at Daz and Aiko4. The files now apparently are not in an exe anymore and are just folders so I went ahead and copied them to runtime folder, both of the characters and are the only ones instaled so far yet Aiko's eyes remain those of Valeria.

I have read that this occurs because:

1- V4 and A4 are not instaled in the same runtime - Not the case here, they are side by side on the folder
2- More than 1 V4 is instaled - Not the case either.

I'm running on Win8 and using Poser 8 if that helps

How do I solve this?

Thank you

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    You need to run runtime\libraries\!DAZ\DzCreateExPFiles-V4.bat if you extracted the files manually -- that's what creates the morph channels for the morphs you've added.

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    Thank you!! That fixed it :D
    Seriously thanks you tooons! It's good to see my usual girl back to normal!
    Never would have guessed!

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