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I really need an answer to this Genesis query
Posted: 20 June 2012 04:03 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I have been working with DS4.0 for some time and have just about got used to it. Using the Autofit bypass routine has solved the proplem with losing Morphs when using the Autofit routine, which was a real pain. I have also “mastered” the GenX routines, including the setting up of the icons.

Browsing thru the DAZ forum in Rendo, I noticed that it was claimed that DAZ4.5 solves the Morph losses problem with Autofit. Upgrading frightens me to death, particularly when the unexpected happens which is not in the script. However, I have now taken the plunge and installed the latest 4.5 which went without a hitch! And it is true that in 4.5 Autofit does not destroy the Morphs anymore. Hurrah!

I also picked up the claim that you don’t have to use Genesis with DAZStudio4 and can pretty-well make use of most of your old DAZ3 Content using it. So I looked into this and found that It is also true that you don’t have to use Genesis and you can use older content with DS4 without bothering with Genesis.

Which really begs the question - what exactly is the point of Genesis? I think I must be missing something here.

This is a serious question and I am not trying to be facetious. I am now genuinely confused!

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The point of Genesis?

All in all, for me anyway, it is just another figure.  An improvement over the Gen4 figures (weight mapping and such) combined with the ability to be morphed into different shapes and sizes and retain the rigging.

The benefits it brings, honestly, is the ability to use previous content on a new figure, for example, using the auto-fit tool to put Genesis with V4/V5/V3 shape (or any combination thereof) into Aiko 3 clothing.

This helps both buyers and sellers.  The buyer no longer has to buy the same outfit multiple times to fit different figures and the seller does not have to worry much about making their clothing for more than 1 figure.

Auto-fit M3’s armor to Genesis, then morph to Trolls, VIOLA! armored troll.

Other than stuff like that, its just another figure to me.

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You could always use Gen 3 and Gen 4 figures, clothing and morphs in DS4, right from the start, it is nothing that has been added recently to the program.  It wouldn’t have been much use to most users (including me) if we could only have used Genesis.