Carrara game engine

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not that I create games
been playing with UDK Unreal game engine from Epic games, importing Carrara rigging
morphs come over too!
just occured to me, if Carrara had it's own game engine, like Blender and a few other 3D apps do, what a potential market this could open up for Daz!
and then there is that Apex cloth I wish we could use . . . . .


  • chikako_8af55a8a68chikako_8af55a8a68 Posts: 83
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    The game engine market is very, vary hard to crack. Engines can be integrated into a greater system (like Unity), or they might be standalone engines that have various APIs to hook them into popular programming environments. It is hard to generate revenue from it.

    A partner company ported a 3D engine over to work with a few popular RAD tools ( They do sell some units but I know its very hard to support. I mean, to give reasonable support for DAZ Studio, you need the basics. To support a 3D engine, you need to be an engineer.

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    Would be cool if Carrara export to existing engines such as Unity3D is easier.

  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 18,669
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    not tried Unity recently, too confusing for me
    (although I have it and I know Carrara's FBX improved since then)
    not bad in UDK, textures not right but that is fixable

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