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Trying to find a way to speed up the interface in D|S 4.0.

Working on a pose set, and it is trying my patience when I move a limb and have to wait a few seconds for to find out that it is not where I wanted it, so I go to change camera angle, click and drag on box, and have to wait a few seconds for the program to catch up...again.

Any tips/tricks to speed this up?

I'm running:

AMD Phenom II x6 3.3GHz
8192 MB RAM
Windows 7 Ulti 64-bit
ATI Radeon HD 5670 754 MB
Direct Draw and Direct 3D acceleration both enabled

I have 1 figure (30k polys or so), UberEnviro, 3 lights and a basic plane in the scene

I can NOT work this slow doing simple poses

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    Also, when saving the pose icons, it is not showing the background...?

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    I don't save as a pose so I'm not sure about that but if you save as a scene then your b/ground should show, as for the slow thing try saving your file close studio then re-open both and see if that helps.


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