New Users Contest - July 2013

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New User's Contest - July 2013

Sponsored by DAZ 3D and 3djoji

Are you new to the 3D World? Are you at the beginning stages of learning 3D rendering? Have you been around for a little bit but feel you could benefit from some feedback or instruction? Have you been around awhile and would like to help other members start their creative journey? Well then come and join the fun as we host our newest contest...


"Fun in the Sun"

This month’s contest is just about having some fun rendering time

Looking to practice all that you have learnt over the last while, this month's contest is just about having some fun with your rendering. Let yourself go and dive in to the depths of your runtime, and sea what you can come up with!

Intent: Try using your own lights, shaders and poses where you can, to show us what you can do.

This can be any type of scene that you want, as long as it falls under the heading of "Fun in the Sun". Of course it needs to be within TOS as well.

I will be checking in on the WIP THREAD as will the rest of the Community Volunteers to try and help with anything you all may need

3djoji may also pop in from time to time to give you any hints and tips you may need..

For a list of the current contest rules, please see this thread :Contest Rules


When working on your submissions, if you would like to get feedback as you work or before posting your final image, please post your image to the WIP THREAD. People will be popping in to the WIP THREAD to give you some critique and advice on your entry and help along the way. Please keep all comments on entries etc to the WIP THREAD as well because comments or requests for help/feedback/advice will be removed from the contest thread and merged into the WIP THREAD. This thread is only for posting final contest submissions.

For those veterans of the forums that would like to help, because this contest is designed for the beginner to learn from, we will be randomly selecting posts offering helpful tips and/or critiques to receive a special voucher as well so whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring one, there is fun for everyone!

We would like to thank 3djoji who has graciously decided to sponsor this month’s contest who will be awarding a special prize to the winners of this month’s contest. To view some of 3djoji's items please see their store front here

Closing Date: July 31th 2013

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    ...because fun might just come from simple things...

    Title: "Fun in the sunset".

    All composed and rendered in DAZ studio 4.6 using several custom made surfaces and tweaked shaders/materials.

    Only postwork is image trimming and resizing and a minimum correction of image gamma.

    800 x 386 - 134K
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    ...and my second entry follows.

    Sun, sea, a beautiful almost desert beach, a peaceful atmosphere... it could be almost paradise, if only there wouldn't be also...

    (title) "The Mischievous Twins"

    and their nasty ideas of fun in the sun.

    Daz studio and luxrender; custom made surfaces and shaders (sea, sail, towel), custom made figure (crab) and all poses, plus some other tricks here and there.

    800 x 533 - 265K
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    just moving entries over from WIP.

    1st entry title: It's More Fun in the Sun.
    software used: DAZ and GIMP for post-work.

    2nd entry title: Sunburn
    software used: DAZ (GIMP for cropping and text)

    i'm not exactly sure what a shader is yet, lol.
    just started learning and still playing around with stuff.

    800 x 600 - 107K
    800 x 674 - 146K
  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 2,289
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    Kielan - Beach Dogs (Cause not all dogs has four legs)

    The poses of Kielan and the pup has been tweaked a bit from the original, the pose on Graip (the adult dog) is made from scratch. Lighting also made from scratch (consist of 1 distant, 5 spotlights, 1 area plane light and UE2 ambient), varying intensity and colors. Kielans pants using one of my photos as texture. Kielan himself is a character I morphed for the morphing contest Scott held.

    1200 x 960 - 241K
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  • TobiasGTobiasG Posts: 447
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    "Why I train"

    created with Daz Studio

    Used various textile shaders, and tweaked the skin surface of the heavier male figure. Custom lights, poses either from scratch or modified presets.

    799 x 532 - 460K
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  • Kismet2012Kismet2012 Posts: 3,316
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    Title: Heading to the Beach

    Daz 4.6 Pro

    All poses applied from scratch. Colours and textures on most of the items have been changed. No lighting or camera presets where used.

    600 x 480 - 235K
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  • Kismet2012Kismet2012 Posts: 3,316
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    Title: Bubbles

    DAZ 4.6 Pro

    My 2nd entry for this Month's Contest.

    Posing, lighting and camera from scratch. No presets used. New textures applied to bubbles and shirt.

    600 x 600 - 160K
  • dakkuuandakkuuan Posts: 294
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    Just by looking at the competition, I don't stand a chance lol, but here is my entry Cristy Alexander: At The Beach. For those of you that are curious Cristy is a character from The Chronicles of Autumn (my book series). The pose is mine, the lighting is a variant of Firey Genesis and everything seen in the pic is a misc freebie I picked up in numerous places, except the plugin that allowed me to fit Cristy's bottom. I'll likely put her pair of guns in the picture for the final version that I'll post on my deviant art page, along with the Chronicles of Autumn stamp.

    1360 x 765 - 602K
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  • cecilia.robinsoncecilia.robinson Posts: 2,208
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    This picture was done for fun only and you can see it's not serious at all. It's titled "Mermaids on the rocks" (pun intended!). You've got fun, you've got sun, a hearty dessert, a turquoise sea and two lovely ladies. What more could you ask for?

    It was my first attempt at "Lost Realms". I have only the basic textures, so I used my own shader on the smaller mermaid - I made it out of a free texture by Diana'sCreations. I never bought a pose package for "Lost Realms" too, so the poses are my own ones. The light is the default UberEnvironment set on the highest quality. The same presets were used for the little hippo (hippos are cute, aren't they?). It comes from "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" package of course. The backdrop image is a cut-out MS Office clipart plus a timber texture by NitchWarmer. The stack of pancakes is from one of the "Dine Food" sets along with the plate from "Diner Tableware". I don't have a proper drink prop for DAZ Studio and I lacked a couple of other things, so I finished the picture with stocks provided by the following lovely artists...

    Mermaid texture by Diana'sCreations
    Timber texture by NitchWarmer
    Fresia by Tigers-Stock
    Leaves by EveLivesey
    Ship by Lady Aimee-Valentine
    Magnolia by Sophisticated Scraps
    Island and Sea by Microsoft Office Cliparts

    Thanks to Scott-Livingston, I found a set of props by Luckybears ( and I replaced the red drink from the earlier version with it. I also removed the boxes and the cupcakes. To complement the hippo (which I imagine as a gummy toy kids like to play with in the sand), I added a dragon with my own shader (MilDragon 2.0) and three little gorillas I custom-dialed for Genesis Custom-Dialed Contest. You can find the presets in the entry thread if you like. They're built on Gorilla for Genesis, but also include a bit of both Basic Child and Baby for Genesis to make them look more adolescent than the regular silverback alpha male the figure recreates. We can suppose some kids played there and then went to the beach, leaving the toys there and the mermaids just could not resist messing around with them a bit :).

    Kesh, thank you for your reply and patience. I hope I managed to include the second version on time. I reduced the things and it did the trick. Regarding PowerPoint, well... Most people don't imagine how wonderful tool it is. Considering most computer users have MS Office, it's an underestimated graphic software. I render in DS and then add postwork there, I learnt fine tricks in the meantime :).

    800 x 920 - 302K
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  • SerjSerj Posts: 12
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    Hi everybody! Here is my entry. Please take a look. :)

    Title: Enjoying the life!
    DAZ Studio render.

    800 x 550 - 454K
  • gosenagosena Posts: 4
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    The Proposal

    First attempt at UV mapping with "snake-skin' texture for Gabi and MIchael. Custom "floral" texture for Female business suit. All happening at the snake hole where Ademe and Evo are enjoying the full Kalahari noonday.

    1280 x 720 - 510K
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    Good luck everyone

  • Kismet2012Kismet2012 Posts: 3,316
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    Lots of great renders.

    Good luck everyone.

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,765
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    Winners are:

    1ST Kesh with Mischevious Twins

    2ND Carola with Beach Dogs

    HM Kismet with Bubbles

    Congratulation to everyone. Will the winners please contact Frank0314 by PM and give him your email attached to your DAZ account and a link to 1 product of choice (Excluding Bundles) from 3djoji's store

    The e.mail is needed to add your prizes to your account.

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  • keshkesh Posts: 0
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    Yay! Thanks! and congrats to all the participants :)

    I have also enjoyed much trying to give suggestions wherever i could.

    *Pops the champagne and sprays Carola and Kismet and all the by-standers*


  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 2,289
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    Thank you and grats to all *happy smile*

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  • Kismet2012Kismet2012 Posts: 3,316
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    Wow. Thank you very much.

    Congrats to everyone. It was a great contest.


  • en0ken0k Posts: 0
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    gratz to the winners! lotsa fun. =)

  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,272
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    Congrats to all! It was a really fun set of images this month. Hope you will join us in the August contest.

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