Need help importing FBX into cinema 4D with animated facial expressions

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Hi everybody,

So far I've been able to export an FBX file from Daz studio pro 4 with animations and import that file into Cinama 4D R13. So far with some tweaking to the materials, everything is looking good and animating fine, with one notable exception:

No animated facial expressions.

Is this a bug or is there some setting that I'm missing in the export settings for Daz or import settings in cinema, or both?

Thanks in advance.

- Rex


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    can you tell me what your export setting are in Daz and your import settings in C4D?

  • jpelechjpelech Posts: 1
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    I am also having this exact issue. The animation keyframes come across but none of the morph animations.
    I am exporting as FBX, with head.CTRL morphs rule set to export. It opens fine in Cinema, I can modify the morphs, but they aren't animating. Has anyone gotten this to work? Any ideas of what I could try? Thanks!

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