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Wall Phone with Wall [aka Viewer as found in certain Rec Rooms]  - nc
Posted: 29 June 2013 08:01 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Another non-commercial item for the usual reasons.

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It’s similar to the type of viewer used in a rec room of sorts wherein really bad news was announced to a large group of people.
I have dutifully refrained from including a whole bunch of really bad news pictures of things coming ‘cause like well ... there’s just so many to choose from!  So replace the holding texture with something appropriate for your scenes, templates are included. Everything is uvmapped and there are several shading domains so nothing is really overlapping.

.pp2 files should work in all the present day staging programs from D/S3+ and Poser7+.

n.b. the viewer [wall phone] also makes for a nice ceiling light, doorway, picture frame, etc.

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