Export to WebGL?

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How can I take a rich scene or animation and export to WebGL?



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    Hi I know of several good methods, however it takes some work to prepare DAZ figures and props for export so be prepared to use several packages to make the 3d pipeline to HTML work out.

    The best 3d HTML publishing and rendering packages are....

    1. For Game and interactive HTML5 WebGL I recommend Coppercube 4 by Ambeira. I have a tutorial and some threads in the FarmPeeps.com forum that explains what is needed and how to turn your 3d into a game. Coppercube is a complete 3d publishing package with 3d output to .exe (fastest), Flash 11, HTML5/WebGL and best of all... ANDROID! Imports .x and .b3d animated mesh, obj static. Has some UV tweaking and dynamic lighting effects. Coppercube has rudimentary in world physics. No programming required. Supports animations baked into fbx and converted to .x or b3d.

    2. For static and interactive demonstrations I recommend SimLab 3D which imports .obj, and .fbx directly and output is 2D tiff with ALPHA TRANS, JPG, PNG, and Video. 3D ids HTML5, 3D PDF (cool!) , and Android /Apple viewer. SimLab also has a fantastic rendering engine based on Luxion. Real and super high res and lighting, and a killer material selection in the paintbox. Has good surface tools with UV and Materials. Outputs OBJ as GROUPED by MAT or orig structure. Can't pose using IK. Good keyframe animation - but it is designed for simulations and scene rather than games. WIll not import RIGGED animations - IE NO bhv.

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