Combined pose sets to pose multiple figures and interactions simultaneously.

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How do you make pose sets for multiple models?

I swear I looked hard and long for this topic.


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    ds 4.6 have new preset,,
    at first you need, make group of figures.
    or simply parent gen1 to gen2 etc.
    (or Null , obj,, which set as paretn of figures may work too)
    then select root of all (Group or parent figure, or obj ),

    go to top menu File > Save as>Hieralchical pose presets.

    I checked only some genesis figures group, or Gen1 parented Gen2,
    then select root node, it work.Will it work for your purpose?

    I belive so,,, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    it seems to save both of pozing,,,

    But,,,,,,,,,,really Sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,,after I try to apply again saved preset,, I can apply only one pozing,
    I missing to use this preset,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Thanks for the response. It's not working for me either. But at least now I know about the "save as hierarchical pose set" option under file....

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    sorry,,, (T T)

    now I am asking about the save option,, as support ticket,,
    When DAZ support team will tell me clear how to,,,, I must reply here again,,,
    (or send bug report ^^;)

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    I am really embarassed about DAZ technical support team reply.

    I asked "how to use hieralchical poze preset",, and told what I have tried, about two loaded figure with pozing.
    today,, ( I sent support tichet 6/27,,,) I get reply, but it is at all un useful or I can not understand what the reply suggest.

    How to use "Hierarchical pose preset" in daz studio 4.6?

    I really hope to know, how it work, and what can I do.
    I tried to save two figure(made by genesis, or genesis2) pozing .

    1. apply poze for each figure, then make new group
    2. save as hierarchical pose preset
    3. I change the poze of each keep the gorup
    4 I applied the saved preset.duf to the root node(group)
    5 it can not re-poze both figure, only work about one figure.
    6 I tried to apply same preset for different figure,
    7 it seems memorize only one pozing .

    I tried with other generation figure,, or,, parent one figure for another, etc,
    but I could not save or apply the each pozing for two figures.

    I checked the documents of DAZ, but there seems no clear documents.
    please tell me the right way. If I can understand clear,, I may report it in forum .
    Is there limitation of usage? eg work only about figure and fit to clothings?

    Then today I get answer,,

    You will need to parent the poses to the figure in order to save two pose presets.

    Please try this and let me know if you still have issues.


    Can someone clear tell me,, what the support person sugget me?
    and why she said me to save two pose presets @@;?
    If I need to save two hieralchical pose presets, when I make group, or parent figure?
    or she suggest me,, simply set genesis1 as parent of other figure, then use hieralchical pose presets?
    I did not think,, it can work.

    and "parent the poses to figure" means what?

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    Just did a quick test and it seems that the Hierarchical pose starts looking from the first bone (hip) instead of the root figure (genesis).
    If i parent a second genesis to the hip of the first genesis, then it works.

    Parenting both to a null and then saving the hierarchical pose doesn't work either, as the null doesn't have any bones.

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    I have never challenged the way "parent figure to other figure hip" @@;
    I simply parented to gen root , or parent to the Null, or grouping,,,
    then tried to save them,,, so that,, I did not test your way!!

    It seems great,,,,if it work without problem,,I want some test with Timeline,,,or rigs dress fit to gen
    and paretn to hip,,etc,,

    I pefeclty gave up about hieralchical pose preset,,, thanks much.

    I need not to try make question ticket again,, and wait 2 weeks over any more,, ^^;

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    I tried it by parenting one figure to the other's hip and it works. To transfer the H-pose to new figures they must be parented the same way. A pain but it works!

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    I may need to more test with several case,,,

    (eg when I save two figure, both figure have weapon prop ,
    on hand (parented) then save hierralchical)

    I translate and roate only props of each Actor with keep parented hands.

    it seems not work about Accessories (hand hold) of parent Actor.

    Child actor hand hold can re translate, but parent Actor , handhold do not move.
    maybe,, there is some rule,,, to work correctly when save hieralchical poze preset.

    (of course I keep the each link,, then select root figure, when I save and apply poze)

    I need to know which case it work or not,, and need to understand exception cases.
    sometime it work, or work not,, seems terrible,, to save something.

    Anyway parent to hip , not root , seems key to save two figure pozing at once,
    by Heiralchical pose preset,,,.I never find the way , and may not get clear answer from daz.
    thank you much BlackFeather1973 .

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    How do you make pose sets for multiple models?

    I swear I looked hard and long for this topic.

    You Save Each pose for each figure in the EASY old style of Figure A pose and then Figure B pose. The User then loads Figure A and Applies Pose A and then loads Figure B and Applies Pose B. This keeps the pose set working easy for both the Creator and the User as it is the Standard way it is done.

    Not ALL new ways are the Best ways... Just my two cents.
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    I find another theory,,

    It seems not work correctly when I use PP2 prop, hair, or accessory.
    as parented Actor.

    but dsf and duf prop work .

    may need not test with Cr2 figure.
    they can not work. at current.

    to use hieralchical preset, there seems some rule.

    1 all figure and prop should be DSON data instance.(dsf, duf)

    2 prop or figures which need to be parented other figure,
    should be parented actuall rigs. not root node.

    but if the rigged clothing fit to Actor, it can be child of root node . not necessary need to be child of hip irg.

    Genesis root > (child) clothings which fit to gen , rotate ghost bone of clothing, and save hieralchical preset.
    it can work.

    3 we can exchange poze between child and paretn.
    if we use same base figure, and keep hieralchy(but prop or accessory move somwhere I think,
    or not move at all) and exchange parent child.

    4 ctrl + apply seems not work as we expected. may check off or on option (scale, or translation) only work.
    when use select node option, it simply copy root parent figure poze and pozes with same hieralchy.

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