Wicked Playsuit Texture Map

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I'm not sure if this is the right way to ask this, but I'd like to try to make a texture for the Wicked Playsuit by DAZ 3D and Xena. I searched the forums and Google, but didn't find anything to help.

Is there some relatively simple way to do this?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.



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    You can download the texture templates from the Resource Files tab here : http://www.daz3d.com/wicked-wear-003

    The EXE one is for PC, and the ZIP one is for Mac I believe. Just load the template images into Photoshop, Gimp or PSP (any paint program really) and colour them in. Make sure that you DO go over the lines slightly, or you may get seams in the finsihed texture map.

    Save your newly created texture, and apply it in the Diffuse channel in the Surfaces pane with you model loaded. When the texture is to your liking, you can save it as a Material Preset.

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    Thanks for the quick response!

    That's very strange. I had downloaded the zip you specified before. When I unzipped it, it yielded a regular DAZ installer. I couldn't imagine why a texture map would need an installer. So, I figured it was additional textures. This time, I "installed" it to the desktop and, sure enough, it was a jpg for the template. Seems like a weird way to deliver a jpg, doesn't it?

    Anyway, thanks again for the help. I don't think I would have tried that file again if it weren't for your prompting.


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    Some times I just click on the surface tab (after going to scene tab and selecting the device I wish to texture) If there are multiple parts to the object you can select one part of the object at a time in the editor of the surface tab, you can then look in the diffuse map and see the texture that is being used.

    Clicking the thumbnail of the texture in the diffuse setting will give you the option to browse which will lead you to the folder of the textures for that item in your DAZ directory,

    I find it much easier to use a working texture to guide me than a blank template, even if I am painting it on the blank template.

    Also allows me to add things to the original texture when I don't really want to completely change it.

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    Thanks! That's good info. I'll have to try it out.


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