Rendering in a new window???

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Currently, when I render a new scene, the previous rendered image appears in the background while the new image is rendering.
Is there a way that every time I render a scene that it will render in its own window, without showing a older rendered image?


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    I haven't seen that before, is this DAZ Studio you are asking about, and if so, which version?

    I opnly have two options in Render settings, New Window or Image File.

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    Hi Jimmy,
    I am using the latest version of Daz 4.6. Pro.
    I am using a Mac. OS/X 10.8
    Like you, it doesn't do that on my PC. It just renders in another window on my PC.

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    I know exactly what you are talking about.
    Sometimes the previous render is there, sometimes it's black and sometimes it's just a weave of twisted random pixels.
    It has been like this since I started with DS with DS 2, I don't think there is any way to make DS always render to a cleared out black window. I have no idea how it renders on Windows, but this is how it always has behaved on Mac OS X.

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    It's happened to me, too - using Windows. Normally only when I do multiple test renders at a small size, to tets out lighting, etc. I presume it is down to underlying, non-initialised data within RAM.

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