Problems with excessively dark cheek hollows...

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I have a question that my research about shaders has not shed any light on. I'm using a V5 skin mat, HSS shader, and a displacement map throughout. My light setup is a three light rig - one specular light on the camera, a low-intensity fill on the camera, and a carefully placed main light. It generally works ideally for me. The figure's skin renders beautifully... all except the hollows of her cheeks. I have tried to address this with an additional dedicated light on her face, to no avail. Not even fiddling with the specular, diffuse, or other channels seem to impart any lightening of her cheeks. I have ambient turned off, by the way, but turning it on and changing the color from black to white, and adjusting the parameters, does not help. I'm using DAZ 4.6.

What are some things that I can look at here? I'm not sure if this is just a function of the geometry of her face, or of certain skin maps. Thanks in advance for reading!


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    an image attached would help people to help you.

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    I'm away from the computer with my render library on it at the moment. Maybe someone else will take a stab at it. Thanks anyway.

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    You can try a point light raised directly across from the cheek. Then use colors to offset the dark color of the hollow- you'll need to go with a bright whitish pink/peach if the hollows are blue in tone, or bright whitish blue if the hollows are mauve. Think opposites. I use spotlights and point lights.

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    You could maybe add an UnberEnvironment base light to add better control of the ambient light/shadow strength, or if you already using one then try boosting it up a bit.

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    Which base figure and what face morph (if it's a commercial morph)?

    What happens if you render the stock base (Genesis or G2F) with the textures and lights without changing from the default face?

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    is the excessively dark cheek hollows cured?

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