Bryce Compatibility for Windows 8??

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Hy guys,

I bought bryce and I can't install it on my Computer.
I could on my lap but there I don't want to install.

Hey, did someone had the same Problem?
Who invented bryce? I couldn't find the Software firm.

thanks for your answers




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    Now do you want a history of Bryce, or do you want to know how to install it, now that DAZ 3D own it and have done all the most recent development of the program.

    There was a long thread about Bryce in Windows 8 in the Bryce forum. I will see if I can find it for you

    Ah there it is It does drift a bit in places, but I think glancing through it may help

    Personally, even though I have windows 7 and not 8 I don't install program files onto my C drive, I keep them on another drive, as windoze has become so picky about where it wants files installed on the C drive, and the Bryce installer was made before both Win 7 and Win 8

    And the History bit Bryce was created by a Company called Meta tools, who then amalgamated with a couple of other companies to become Metacreations, who later sold Bryce to Corel, and Corel sold it to DAZ 3D, who still own it.

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