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Hey guys,

I dont know, if that the right place, but I try my luck

But I have some troubles with the workflow and how I can get this, how I want.


I want to some of my character shapes, but:
- one save for the head
- another one for the body

But how I can save it seperate?

On every icon are standing on the top: actor, pose, light, material etc.

What should I do, that this information is always available on the icon?
Because if you move it, then it is gone again!

Is that allowed to share my shapes?


I hope someone knows and can help me.
Would be very happy. Thanks a lot!


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    If you set the shapes using the morph sliders, you can select which properties get saved via File>Save as>Shaping preset by expanding the lists in the bottom half of the options dialogue and checking or unchecking groups or morphs - here I unchecked Genesis to remove everything, then checked the head group to add it back. This doesn't, however, split a single morph that affects both head and body - it just allows you to be selective about which morphs are saved.

    I don't understand the second question.

    Yes, you can share the preset for the shapes you make by setting the sliders.

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    Hey Richard,

    thank you for the screen :) it helps me...

    To my second question:
    I meant, on every icon there are some texts like actors, shapes, materials, pose etc.
    When I move the icon and the associated file into a other - the texts are away...

    My question was whether there is a trick that these texts are always there.
    I uploaded an icon :)

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    Ah, if you move the file in DS (right-click on it in the Content Library for Cut or Copy commands, right-click in the destination folder to paste) they should stay for you, but unless you export metadata and include it with the zip (and the user applies it) they won't transfer to others as they use the Content Management Service.

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