Lighting (?) problem: massive skin mutations

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I have a problem with UberEnvironment2 lights. When I add them to the scene, my model mutates in an interesting way... If this was intentional, I'd be quite proud. Since it's not, I'm a bit annoyed :) There's probably some parameter I've accidentally switched off or on.

Can you help me? This ain't how this girl is supposed to end up! Thanks for your advice.

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    Michael mutates the same way. I used a different preset (is that the correct term?) on the UE.

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    Looks like your shading rate is perhaps set too high. Try using the "4X Hi" preset, or go to the Parameters pane and set the Shading Rate to a smaller number.

    Other things that may help: changing the shading rate on the Render Settings pane, and/or adding additional lights to the scene.

    A great deal of helpful information about UberEnvironment2 can be found in this thread:

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    Thank you! That was it.

    I had seen the thread you linked to, but I haven't yet digested it. It didn't help that we had upwards of 33 °C this week... :) I'll try to dig into it this weekend.

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