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SOLVED Vittorio (the male morph for V4) and DzCreateExPFiles-V4 ???????

FauvistFauvist Posts: 577
edited June 2013 in The Commons

I've installed all the files for Vittorio in the places specified in the file list. Now I'm supposed to run something called DzCreateExPFiles-V4 . I'm on a Mac. I don't believe Mac's run Ex files. I can't get DzCreateExPFiles-V4 to work. I have previously installed Elite and other large morph packages, so V4 must get updated somehow.

How do I solve this - anyone?

Added: I'm using Poser Pro 2012

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  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 16,363
    edited December 1969

    On a Mac it's DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command

  • surrealitysurreality Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    If you still have the 'update V4' shortcut on the desktop, it should ideally work for any of the morph packs -- Vittorio included. It's a generic ExP updater, so if Vittorio is using ExP, it should work. ExP is the 'add morphs to the base' script/code system; it isn't a .exe file. (Lifelong exclusive mac user here. :) )

  • FauvistFauvist Posts: 577
    edited June 2013

    On a Mac it's DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command

    Thank you! I did it, and all the Vittorio dials appear in the V4 parameters. But none of the dials work. No matter which Vittorio dial I turn, nothing happens to the V4 figure.

    Added: I clicked on the Vittorio mat pose for skin texture and it was applied to V4, now she looks like Charlie Chaplin.

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  • FauvistFauvist Posts: 577
    edited December 1969

    It's solved. Closed the program, and shut the computer down. Restarted it, opened the program, and Vittorio was working the way it's supposed to.


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