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im sure others have already made a few threads but im alil irritated at the moment and thought to make my own.

...THE WISHLIST SUCKS!!! I cant search it to see what is on sale. i have over 700 items in there....scrolling down is gonna take forever....that is IF I COULD SEE ALL THE ITEMS IN MY WISHLIST. notification when something in the wishlist goes on sale. I hope they are working on it

Third.... no option to see what is on sale while searching through the store!! im not a big fan of the new forum...and it is a pain to have to look in the forums to see if a particular vendor's store is having a sale.

Fourth...the 3 items across thing is killing me. so much stuff going on the screen at one time...the stuff i wanna look at gets lost..rather i cant concentrate on the merchandise because the displays are overwhelming.

Fifth....double purchasing!! I have purchased many things from the daz store...and before if i picked something i had already purchased it would let me know when i tried to place it my cart...but not anymore. now i have to scroll through the crumby Itemized List before picking an older store item to ensure i havent bought it before. just a hassle.

Sixth... THE WISHLIST SUCKS!!! is there anyway..ANYWAY to change the way it looks!!

um....whelp... /rant off

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    Hear, hear... I concur on all accounts. Am a sad little kitty. And I miss the old forum... Indeed, I have been here less since after the change, both store and forum -- just awkward to use, and I was just getting used to the last change to the store too.

    Oh, and the downloads, now I no longer have the option to not show both PC and Mac? A pain when downloading a lot.


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    1. If you're using Chrome or Firefox with Greasemonkey, there's a script that will bring back the wishlist items on sale function:

    3. If you just want to see everything that's on sale, try this link:

    4. If you want less items across, look for the 'View as' buttons at the top of the list and click the second one, for 'view as list', which shows the items one across, with information about each one.

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    i would prefer to see more items across....and less of the junk.

    it is a shame that one is forced to troubleshoot a website in order to buy stuff....with the overwhelming amount of Genesis items..the desire to even look is fading. That $11 TUTORIAL on how to put Genesis to cr2 is alil dismaying as well. im not willing to spend the green on something that is might be difficult and potentially disappointing. besides...what is the point of purchasing it and genesis related items just so we can use them in DS4 and then export to Poser....when if im gonna purchase genesis stuff and am gonna have to use it in DS4... why take the extra step to export it? im rambling just a sad panda.

    ah well.

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    I want more items across too, not less. Another concession to mobile devices, no doubt. I can't even switch to a "use full width" of the screen.

    What was so bad about the previous incarnation? Worked for me, plus I could sort things (is release date order messed up? I get ancient stuff in among it all).

    Rambling too.

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    Yup. My favorite is making a purchase and not being able to download it because of some error.

    There must be new management/ownership at DAZ, because the changes to the website are terrible. I mean, why would they roll something out that not only has tons of bugs, but isn't as good as what was there before?? If it ain't broke, don't F#

    I'm also glad I renewed my Platinum Club membership just in time for them to start pushing the Genesis stuff which I will never use.


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